Hello world!

So this is my new blog.  I have been wanting to start one for quite some time now and since I have been stuck at home recovering from a bike accident, I have finally had the time to think about the theme of my blog.  I have decided on…The Wannabe Wife.  Just to be clear, I am a wife.  I’ve been married for over 7 years now to a wonderful man who I love very much.  I am a wannabe in the sense that I LOVE watching cooking and decorating shows (Martha Stewart, Rachael Ray..etc), however, I am much lacking in a lot of these skills.  I do not consider myself to be a very good cook or homemaker, but I desperately want to be!! Therefore..The Wannabe Wife was born! I hope you will join me as I try each day to be a better cook, organizer, housekeeper all the while keeping my husband happy.