C’mon Man!

Have you ever watched the segment, “C’mon Man!” before an NFL game?  I forget which network airs this..but it’s my favorite part of the pregame show!  Seriously, some things are so ridiculous, you can do nothing else but just say “C’mon Man!”  Take for example something that happened last night between my husband and myself.  We hardly ever argue or get irritated with each other, but the one thing that gets us more irritated than anything else is technology..speficially our desktop and laptop computers.  My husband had to teach a class today at work that he had a Powerpoint presentation for.  He had a separate sheet made up for himself that had all the notes he needed talk about which corresponded with each slide.  He had to work late so we did not get on the laptop until 9:00.  He was going to go through a practice session with me to make sure the notes matched up with the correct slides.  First step was to print off his copy from our laptop which is wirelessly connected to our printer…or so we thought.  We spent close to an hour trying to get this stupid thing to print.  It kept saying our printer was Offline and nothing I did was bringing it online.  We both think we know what we are doing on the computer when the truth is neither of us have much of a clue.  So I would try one thing, then he would try one thing.  We went back and forth like this for what seemed like an eternity..when finally..a light came on in my head somewhere and I said “Why don’t we just save the stuff on our flash drive, put it on the desktop computer and print it from there?”  Seriously, I think sometimes between the two of us..maybe we have 1 brain.  So we print it off the desktop..a 29 page document in which his extra notes are in blue and everything else is in black.  We get through 6 pages and then realize we are completely out of color ink so none of the extra notes are printing at all, just the stuff in black.  So we stop the printing, go back to the print screen and I change it to only print the remaining pages..totally forgetting we need to change it to print in grayscale.  The pages start coming out again, and again, the extra notes are not printing at all.  AGAIN, we stop the printing, this time change to grayscale and set to print only the remaining pages.  By the time we were done with the whole mess, it was about 11:00 and we were both thoroughly irritated.  No time or desire to practice the presentation at all.  What a waste…c’mon man!


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