The Art of Creating Your Own Recipe

This is a skill that I desperately wish I had.  All the food blogs I read are these super talented people who create their own amazing recipes.  I have never done this.  I usually am following a recipe I found online to the tee.  I even have a hard time making substitutions.  When I read comments and feedback to others’ recipes, I often see them substituting greek yogurt for sour cream and so on…but for some reason, my brain just does not work that way.  If I don’t have sour cream on hand I simply go to the grocery store to buy some, I don’t think about what I already have on hand that would work just as well.  I guess there have been a few occasions when I omitted something because I did not have it or made other minor changes.  But for the most part..I am stuck to the recipe.

So on this blog, you won’t find too many original recipes from me…but I think I do a pretty good job of finding the best recipes out there so when I test something that works, I’m going to post it.  For example, over the weekend I made some pumpkin chocolate chip cookies that were literally the best cookies I have ever had.  I have somewhat of a pumpkin addiction so these were totally up my alley.  I found the recipe on Pinterest and followed it pretty much exactly.  Next time I make them I am definitely going to post a pic and the recipe.  They were so moist and delicious…HEAVENLY!

So tell you create your own recipes?  Are you good at substitutions?  Do you love cookies? 🙂


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